Provide help to Write Your Application

Submitted by adminshiv on Wed, 03/15/2023 - 17:32

Vaanprasth Team will help you write an application for any issue on your behalf, so that you can take it to proper authority. Examples of issues: A government office / officer is not helping you, getting a certificate, complaint against some service provider, a summary document for any Legal matters etc.

The writer will need to understand your side/ story. To do that, you should record your story, and send a short audio/ video file to The writer will listen to your story and may call you to clarify any point. Thereafter, the writer will create a document for you to be taken to proper authority/ person. 

The writer shall not be liable to any accuracy of the information, since it will be your responsibility to tell the truth. You are responsible for verifying the write-up, and only if you feel appropriate then take the next step.

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